1. YD Deniz Food Industry

    YD Deniz  Food Industry

    YD Deniz Food Industry

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Our company, which started commercial activity in the retail food sector in 1956, continues its 60 year commercial adventure with the third generation group of family members.


We operate in many sectors with our credibility and experience in the market. YD Deniz Tedarik is manufacturing and selling food, textile, electronic and communication, furniture and white goods products.


Our company, the production of red and white meat, production plant and canned food production in İzmir, fish packing and packing plant in Ordu, pulses production plant in Mersin, furniture, white goods and stalls selling stores in Tunceli, public institutions food and non-food needs of the Food and Agriculture Institutions in Diyarbakir, import and export of electronics and communication in Istanbul.


We are trying to supply our customers' needs with fast, high quality and reasonable prices by having freight productions in many provinces of Turkey and abroad.



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Our company supplies frozen fish, fruits and vegetables, olive oil, sunflower oil, canned and canned foods, pulses, dry foods, meat and meat products and it is in cooperation with many reliable food companies. We are continuing our goal of being one of the most reliable and reliable companies of the supply companies in Turkey on the bridge we have established between producers and consumer companies.
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We are one of the biggest suppliers of public institutions and organizations in Turkey for bed linens, military clothing, cold weather clothes, home textiles, bathrobes, towels and military accessory materials.
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We provide a wide range of defense products such as radio equipment, aerials, meteorological products, military cables, batteries, batteries and pneumatic, ballistic materials, connectors and work safety materials to public institutions and organizations all over Turkey with our electronic product group.